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About OBOM Strategic Studies
From its start in 1985 until today, ‘OBOM Research Group’ has always been part of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.
From 1985 until 2000, the Open Building Foundation was active as a platform for industry partners with Open Building interest, OBOM being their research centre. In the mean time, in 1996, an international platform for the exchange of Open Building experiences was established as the CIB Working Commission W104, Open Building Implementation.
In order to keep its competitive edge, in 2001 the Delft University announced its new research strategy Engineering the Future, with precisely defined research themes. While giving shelter to OBOM, it also put limitations on OBOM’s commercial agility. At the same time the cry for Open Building expertise is getting louder.
In 2004 ‘OBOM Strategic Studies’ has branched out as an international Business to Business network of Open Building interested parties.

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