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Open Building connects concepts

Levels of Decision making
The concept of levels is the central idea of Open Building.
Three levels of decision making are distinguished, being tissue, support and infill. They are separated, yet co-ordinate.
The town fabric (tissue level) is of a higher level than the building blocks positioned within the town fabric. Buildings can be demolished and rebuilt, while the town fabric stays the same.

Systems and sub-systems

Within building blocks a distinction can be made between the support and the infill.Systems and sub-systems. A building is a system, consisting of many sub-systems, such as the load bearing construction, inner partitions, facades, roof, plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering and so on, all installed by their own tradesmen.

Buildings contain parts with different life-cycles, that need to be replaced independently.
Levels, systems, time spans and parties concerned should work together in a coordinated yet decoupled fashion. Open Building seeks to create the conditions to connect





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