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EGLC, the European Group for Lean Construction is a discussion platform that meets twice per year. It is the European chapter of IGLC.

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EGLC4 in Loughborough, 23-24 November 2006



Everything you always wanted to know about Last Planner but were afraid to ask:

LPS overview
(pdf, 1 Mb)

LPS summary
(pdf, 1.5 MB)




This session will have three presentations of 20 minutes each:
1. Anders Kirk Christoffersen will offer a broad perspective on values, including cultural, social and technical values, illustrating the important role these play in projects. Download Anders' slides (pdf 536 Kb).
2. Lauri Koskela will discuss analysis and synthesis, their origin in ancient Greek geometery and their potential to provide a proto-theory of design enabling improved understanding and better practice. Download Lauri's slides (pdf 369 Kb).
3. Ricardo Codinhoto will focus on the unity of analysis and synthesis in the V model
of the project life cycle, illustrating the usability of the V model in building design and construction. Download Ricardo's slides (pdf 1.9 Mb).

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