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EGLC, the European Group for Lean Construction is a discussion platform that meets twice per year. It is the European chapter of IGLC.

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EGLC4 in Loughborough, 23-24 November 2006



Everything you always wanted to know about Last Planner but were afraid to ask:

LPS overview
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Construction Physics: Agility and Critical Flow

Robert Owen: Applicability of Agile Project Management in Construction.
Agile Project Management (APM) has been demonstrated very successful mainly
in information systems. The principles of APM revolve around to be
structured appropriately to proactively and quickly adapt to change, seizing
such opportunities to enhance value outcomes. At this core, APM focuses on
customers, products, and people ˆ delivering value to customers, building
adaptable products, and engaging talented people in collaborative work. In
this session Bob Owen will be presenting the main APM concepts and the
suitability to transport them to construction. Download Bob's slides (pdf, 2.2 Mb).

Sven Bertelsen: Critical Flow - Towards the Construction Physics
Critical Flow and Construction Physics are a more comprehensive way to
understanding construction processes from a flow perspective. In this new
construction management approach Sven Bertelsen will be establishing a
definition of Construction Physics outlining some of our knowledge and
understanding by construction flows. Sven will also examine how some
production management methods treat these flows and their variability. Download Sven's slides (pdf, 150 Kb).

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