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EGLC, the European Group for Lean Construction is a discussion platform that meets twice per year. It is the European chapter of IGLC.

Do you want to know more? Check: Lean Reading Primer.

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EGLC4 in Loughborough, 23-24 November 2006



Everything you always wanted to know about Last Planner but were afraid to ask:

LPS overview
(pdf, 1 Mb)

LPS summary
(pdf, 1.5 MB)



EGLC3 Open Space report

EGLC Future
1. 3 levels – International - theory/Regional – construction practice /National – social application
2. continue as now; theory = test bed (last); implementation (first); discussion in small and plenary groups
3. help establish local implementation chapters – nl, no, se, uk, de, dk; chapters meet in relation to EGLC – projects, executions; no crash course – use internet article.
4. Loughborough in the autumn – Nov 23-24

EU Framework 7
Research implementation training ? EU competitiveness
Clear programme
Regular reports back
Construction affects all other sectors – 500€ of every Mercedes is spent on construction
There are cultural differences but lean is a leveller
Research roadmap at the next meeting – start discussion now by email
(in UK East Midlands Development Agency is the Regional Development Agency taking the lead on construction – Loughborough is in the EMDA area)

people on site have to do it for themselves
they need feedback on distance travelled (use steppetelle/pedometer)
provide materials and tools where and when needed
unless YOU make it happen it won’t
© EGLC 2006

New culture
Where are we?
- One king
- No interest for the needs of the work
- No or very little commitment
- Everybody doing as less as necessary
- Mistrusting

Where do we want to go?
- Process participation ? process team
- 4Cs
-- Communication – the voice of workers
-- Collaboration – involvement of all parties
-- Commitment – trusting
-- Create win-win – money for all!

How to get there?
- Success story
- Education/training
- Involve all relevant parties (union, organisations, …)
- Life long learning

The role for EGLC
- Where do we start changing
- How can EGLC make a difference
-- Involve the right parties in meetings
-- Keeping it SIMPLE!

Lean and Green
1. Presenters to EGLC to be asked to include a single slide/paragraph outlining the environmental/whole life value implications of their subject.
2. To suggest that IGLC2007 should have a lean and green theme – need a paper conceptualising the relationship between lean and green
3. to suggest that IGLC authors from 2007 on include a section discussing the environmental/whole life value implications of the subject of their paper.
4. To invite LCJ editors to ask authors to include a section discussing the environmental/whole life value implications of the subject of their paper.
5. To ask LCJ editors to consider a special issue on lean and green

• Discussion
• Game
• Case study example
• Different industries
• Balance between theory and application
• Delft

• Client involvement
• Weather
• Acoustics
• Game misplaced
• Whole session on games in the future
• Hotel too far
• Pdf presentations
• Presentations illegible – if it can’t be read when printed 6 to a page it is too small
• Minimum point size in .ppt
• Process improvement in the game
• Seating (neck)
• More discussion
• Smaller group discussion
• Locate ideas in overall construction process
• Stronger projector
• Use flipovers/flipcharts more

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