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Open and Lean Construction
The concept of Open Building aims to contribute to the quality of the built environment. Transformation decisions result in construction activities, such as connecting materials, components and products. The Open Building community in the Netherlands as well as Japan have done ground breaking work on co-ordinating dimensions, positions and interfaces of parts, in turn giving the key to controlling gaps and tolerances and clearly defining the domains of disciplines and their tradesmen, their duties and liabilities.

The concept of Lean Construction aims at a improving the construction process by eliminating ‘waste’, being any activity that does not contribute to the required value of the end product, by improving the ‘flow’ of the construction process.
‘Lean’ was inspired by lean production, or TPS (Toyota production system).

Open and Lean differ, touch and overlap, they can benefit from each other. Open and Lean are third wave strategies. They both respond to the negative effects of second wave mass production. Open Building advocates mass customization of housing, Lean Construction aims to apply the lessons from TPS in the construction industry. Both Open and Lean suggest to eliminate waste by managing communication and information. Do you want to learn more about OB and LC? Then read Introduction to Open Building and Mass Customization in Housing, an OB/LC Study.





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