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OBOM Strategic Studies

... is an international network of Open Building experts, committed to finding the best solutions for transformations in the built environment. Open Building connects decision making to construction and control. OBOM deals with the technical implications, exploring positional and dimensional coordination of building parts and the way they join. Well-considered interfaces provide the condition for - systems design; - product development; - innovations of the construction industry; - moving the balance between off site and on site production; - deconstruction and reuse; - managing the building stock; This expertise provides the basis for a sustainable built environment applying the latest technology in manufacturing. If this raises your interest, please get in touch with us - to become part of the OBOM network; - to learn about our business proposal; - to give feedback on this website!



Download the OBOM 1992 classic on the CTC INDEX

and Nodes & Noodles from 1976: Nothing has changed!

Open Bouwen Buurtvernieuwing

In 1989 OBOM developed ideas on how to refurbish apartments per tenant turn over rather than waiting for major maintenance of its apartment block. Read all about it in Open Bouwen buurtvernieuwing (5.5 Mb). In Dutch only…

The report Leidingsystematiek in relatie tot Flexibiliteit (16 Mb) was published in 1990 and offers strategies to decouple ducts and services form the load bearing structure of dwellings. The texts are in Dutch, the pictures are speachless.

Leidingsystematiek cover


Notes on EGLC3, the European Group for Lean Construction met in Delft, the Netherlands on May 23-24, 2006. More...

Office Transformation

Transforming offices for new destinations is of all time, however it has never been as topical as it is today. Themes, actors and instruments are discussed and projects are documented in a new book by Theo van der Voordt (editor). Available in Dutch only. More books...

LCN NL: Lean Construction Netwerk connects education, research and the construction industry. For more: Go Dutch…

The International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), founded in 1993, makes up a network of professionals and researchers in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) who feel that the practice, education, and research of AEC have to be radically renewed in order to respond to the challenges ahead. More...

IGLC has identified ten research themes. One of them being Prefabrication, Assembly and Open Building. More...


The Netherlands Open Building Foundation was initiated in 1984 and terminated its activities in 2000. its history has been recorded by collecting and scanning documents of its archives. In Dutch only: Meer...



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